The object of the Market engineering is the direct and indirect creation of market processes with the aim, to influence the market result.

In a narrower sense this may affect service offers, in a broader sense dependency, the variety of offers and the degree of innovations.

„Erfolg ist der Sieg der Einfälle über die Zufälle.“
Arthur Schopenhauer

The Idea of the Market engineering is the hypothesis, that the behaviour of customers and suppliers is no non-influenceable basic condition, but can be manipulated by systematic action – to a certain extent.

We start in the procurement and sales processes: Achievement concept incl. service & quality, prize models, assignment concept and the way of the communication with the market partners.

Beside this market investigation and the development of market partners (especially suppliers) contribute to the creation of the market processes.

This to the benefit of our clients

  • High market transparency – knowledge about customer and supplier
  • Conditions in line with market requirements – prices and proceeds