Business Logistics is an elastic concept – it is therefore all the more important that you know exactly what we can do for you. Simply put, you’ve come to the right address if your needs are to shape your internal and external business processes around materials, goods and service offerings for your target markets in order to always remain a step ahead of competition.

If we sound very sure of ourselves, it’s because of our background in logistics, our knowledge of the ground realities of our customers’ businesses as well as our track record in precisely defining and engineering markets.
„ “The future isn’t something you recognise.You create it.“
Stanislaw Brozowsk
The portfolio of companies we serve ranges from small, specialised companies to global conglomerates. The sheer range of our customers has enabled us to gather cross-industry process experience covering markets in Europe and America as well as in Asia.

For us, assuming responsibility to shape your future means also to commit ourselves to quantifiable results.

What counts, are results: to produce results, we have put together an interdisciplinary team of experts, each with robust experience on the field, but also an intuitive feel for the larger picture – to create solutions that are as individual as the requirements of our customers.

State of the art methodology, a business approach based on solid facts coupled with a holistic perspective of science, IT, processes and market fundamentals – these are the cornerstones on which we have built our reputation as market engineers.

We view our role as an efficient bridge between technical i.e. IT-driven logistics operations on the one hand and Marketing & Sales, Purchasing and Production departments of your enterprise on the other.
Having been on the field so long helps: our years of experience has left us with a precise knowledge of the complex choreography of the structures in the logistics, sales and procurement markets of our customers so as to be always a step ahead in designing solutions for our customers. Rather than reacting to market movements, we generate the ideas, instruments and processes to actively shape the markets in which you work.